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I'm not often asked for a carpenter resume but it's worth keeping a note of what I'm doing as time marches on.

Before I do that I have just discovered this inspiring story.

The narrator is a young man who gave up his job and started his own carpentry business.

It's really worth a look.

1985 Tops course in Carpentry and Joinery in Sydenham and Deptford South London

1985 Mr R Hawkins - Architect - Loft Conversion project.

1987 - 89  Harringtons Antique Restoration, Westerham

           Self employed joiner and cabinet maker. Restoring 18th & 19th Century  mantlepieces   tables and mirror frames.

Carpenter Resume After Moving To Norwich

1991  Supervise building repairs for No 6 The Close in Norwich

Re-battening and tiling the main roof and loggia.

1992   Old House Renovation Ashdell House is in Forncett End.This was a listed yeomans farmhouse which in later years became the Norfolk Highways Depot.

Considerable grants were available at that time for listed buildings.

This old house needed:

  • New floors
  • New windows
  • New internal and external doors
  • Repairs to the roof
  • Wiring and plumbing
  • New walls and fireplace renovation

With the oldest houses, the challenge is restoring using the same materials and methods used in the past.

This has meant learning to apply wattle and daub, finding a timberyard that can supply the right dimension oak beams or floorboards, finding a joiner who can replicate old window frames and more.

I had to find a source for lime putty to make old-fashioned plaster and lime wash.

(Sometimes we've had to teach others to use these traditional materials.)

All the materials for repair were like for like. Any inside wall repairs were carried out using lime plaster. Replaced flooring upstairs were of oak.

I am continuing my carpenter resume a few years later...Building a four bedroom timber frame detached house in Hapton.

The ground had to be piled because of a small underground pond in one corner of the plot.

The timber frame was built from scratch and I used a young man from the job centre to help me with this.

You need help for such a big project.  He was a young school leaver. Those timbers weigh a ton, not to mention the foundation blocks! He was a great help. He went on to train as a carpenter and went went to work for one of the bigger building companies.

What I'm saying is that there are a lot of processes that bring a house project to completion successfully. It’s important to know when to do it yourself and when to get help. Co-ordinating it all is a skill in itself.

After a brief time I became interested in pergola construction. I'm also showing how to create a classical pergola rafter tails template which has become very popular with subscribers online.

I tell people if they ever consider a garden project such as creating a pergola with beautiful rafter tails they might like this. Gardens can look so dull much of the time and a pergola can make a really cheerful addition.

Have spent later years building up a house renovation business.

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