How To Paint A Wall For A Great Finish

How To paint A Wall The Right Way.

[Look at some wall ideas first.]

It’s always a wise idea with any painting job to work from the top downwards. Wall painting is no exception. Also don’t forget to lay dustsheets down next to the walls.

The first part is the cutting-in procedure.

How To Paint A Wall - Cutting in.

At every edge in the room we have to cut in with our paintwork because the roller isn't designed to get too close to the edge. You need a brush and a steady hand to cut in effectively.

Let’s take one section of wall anywhere in the house be it sitting room, dining room or bedroom as an example. We have to cut in along the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling. Also where it meets the left hand and right hand walls and just above the skirting.

You’ll need your stepladders if you're wall decorating. Start by carefully painting at the top of the wall using the brush edge. Using the brush this way will give you just the right thickness of paint you need. Carefully place the brush on the wall half an inch below the ceiling and gently while raising the brush paint along the very edge at ceiling height. Continue across the top of the wall in the same manner covering around 12” at a time.

When you get to the end of the wall you should have a tidy 4” strip of paint tucked neatly under the ceiling. If you have accidentally gone onto the ceiling don’t worry just clean it off as soon as you can and paint over when dry.

Now cut-in down the right hand corner of the wall where it meets the next wall.

Just run the edge of the paintbrush down the wall as far as you can reach from the ladder getting right into the corner. Once again make a strip 4” wide on the wall you're working on and the adjacent wall too.

Continue around the room cutting in at the ceiling and the corners of the room. Don’t forget the doorways and windows as you go round. When you have been right around put the stepladders to one side and go round finishing the corners and lower doorways, window areas, switches, radiators and finally just above the skirting.

How To Paint A Wall - Cutting in.

Using a roller is the quickest way to paint the wall.

After a good stir pour your wall paint into the well of your paint tray. Now move the roller backward and forward in the paint until its evenly covered.

To avoid overloading and drips move the roller forward and backwards in the shallow part of the tray before painting.

I will start from the right hand corner but it makes no odds which end you start.

Each loaded roller can probably give you two top to bottom strips on an average interior wall - just over 7.7 feet high [2.4m].

Leaving a gap of half a roller from the right hand edge roll the paint starting half way up the wall. Don’t go all the way up just yet because the roller is still loaded with paint.

Spread the paint first by going a little way up the wall and a little way down stopping about one foot from the top and one foot from the bottom of the wall 

Move to the left of the paint strip and overlapping about 2 " do the same up and down. Now spread the paint in the gap you left on your right in the same way and finish off going up to the ceiling and down to the skirting.

Roll several times to get an even covering of the wall. Move to the left, leave a half roller gap and repeat the process again.

As with all wall painting techniques when you have finished painting one wall check the floor for any drips or spray marks. Clean up immediately before going on to the next wall.

Now you’ve done one coat all the way around you may need a second coat after the first has dried. See instructions on the tin for drying time.

If you are learning how to paint a wall there are many other ways but this is simple to follow and has served me well over the years.

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