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  • Have you got leaks? Take a closer look at your bedroom ceilings?
  • Bedroom window problems that creep up on you in the night.
  • One invisible workmanship problem that started years ago and could be right there in your bedroom.

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  • A quesion for brain surgeons. How much rot can you cut out without losing your peace of mind?
  • Replace your dodgy windows cheaply barely lifting a finger.

Take the upstairs bedrooms as an example. It is very easy to develop leaks in the roof, which will result in brown stains on the ceiling and walls of your bedrooms. Any mould may point to leaking or overflowing gutters. The decorator deals with roof and gutter problems first and then deal with the mould using a good anti-mould product

The bedroom windows are easier to overlook than downstairs because you spend less time upstairs during daylight hours. Try not to neglect them. They are particularly susceptible to condensation produced when we sleep and produce water vapour. It can swell timbers, attract mould and make windows difficult to open and close. In the morning my wife has to wipe down each bedroom window. 

Older houses sprinkled in and around Norwich have their own problems. To enable large items of furniture to be hoisted up into the bedrooms the owners of these older buildings have had their windows removed. Builders removed the glass, sawed away the uprights and often forgot to treat the sawn ends with preservative. Result - timber repairs further down the line at your expense.

How does a decorator paste back wallpaper in bedrooms and repair windows before the room is decorated?

Recently - due to a leak in the roof -  I have pasted back brown stained paper on the walls and ceiling in a back bedroom. The wallpaper and ceiling paper had come away and was very brittle to the touch. The walls and back of the paper were very sandy.

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If you decide to repair using the original wallpaper, very carefully sand down the walls and back of wallpaper. Brush away the dust and paste the walls, ceiling and paper and carefully press the paper back into position using a cloth. Wipe the area clean and when dry apply a thin solution of PVA and water to help stabilize the brown stain.

An alternative to repair is to replace the wallpaper with like for like design, which is not always an easy option.

Plan Your Renovation

If you are repairing a rotten window, first cut out as much rot as you can without weakening the structure. If the wood is still fairly soft brush on a wood hardener and leave to harden - usually about half an hour. Next apply two stage filler as directed. Decorator’s filler is not strong enough for these bigger jobs.

If your windows dont work properly or have been installed incorrectly you could claim on your household insurance. The insurance company will send a builder in to replace the windows in the same style as the original and make good. Try to find out what the problem was so it doesn't happen again.

My services also include window frame repairs, carpentry repairs generally and new build. See my carpenter resume.

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