Recycled Building Products in Alberta

All recycled building products in Alberta are recreated either from post industrial goods or from the post consumer which requires less processing than a new product.

There are many companies in Alberta that specialize in recycling building waste.

Some of the company’s in Alberta focus on salvaged wood while other companies sell and buy surplus construction materials.

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The term recycled building products refers to the changing of waste building materials into new products in order to prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the energy usage thus reducing water and also air pollution.

Some of the Benefits of Recycled Building Products  include:

 the building costs is kept low, it saves natural resources and it helps in extending the life of landfill. 

Very large number of people in Alberta use recycling building products as a way to minimize the impact on the environment. 

No production is needed when using salvaged building materials since they are already made. This is very beneficial since it eliminates all the chemicals that would otherwise be released into the environment during the manufacturing process. No fuel is needed to create the materials.

There would be no use of natural resources when using the salvage or recycled building materials. This is because there is already an existence of the finished product.

The building materials that are recycled in Alberta include: fly ash concrete, steel framing, fibreglass, cellulose insulation, dry wall and recycled glass tile.

Some examples of recycled building products include: stones, bricks, plumbing fixtures and framing lumber. Fly ash concrete refers to a waste product of coal-fired power plants, which greatly improves the structural performance. 

Steel farming is always used in Alberta as a substitute for lumber. Drywall is also another example of recycled building products in Alberta since it is often made from recycled paper facings. The recycled glass tile is always made from used glass that has already been melted, reformed and grounded. 

Some companies in Alberta sell salvaged building materials and also provide destruction services. Examples of materials that are salvaged through destruction in Alberta include: lumber, plywood, bricks, windows, doors, insulation, hinges and paneling.

Alberta Canada has atleast one industry that specializes in green building technologies and building information modeling. The company improves the design, construction, operation and fabrication of the facility.

Companies implementing these projects always show improved quality of the design, reduced cost of construction, reduced duration, improved productivity, reduced conflicts and changes and cost predictability.

Recent research has proved that if asphalt pavement and all concrete were generated annually and recycled in the United States of America, it would save the energy equivalent to approximately 1 billion gallons of gasoline.

The energy savings always results from the decreased consumption of the natural resources. Recycling building products  keeps the landfills safe and also increases the economic benefits.

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